26 September 2007

How Do I Do More Like It!

I do bad! I've been sooo slow with updates. I promise to have more and more usless posts for you to enjoy soon. In the meantime, thank your lucky stars and I am not writing a response to VH1's I Love Toys! Here's a sample from a poster I did for Montserrat's Theme Show some time ago.

I'm getting all twitterpated for next years possible themes!

06 September 2007

"Earl, price check on Aisle 5."

So, a friend and past student of mine sent a hysterical message to me describing his adventure to Target:

"I was in the toy section of Target yesterday with my daughter. As we rolled through the girly aisle she shouted "baby!" at every doll we passed. One of the dolls she spotted came with a book inside the packaging. I looked at the book and thought "Hmm, looks like a Kelly Murphy illustration." and sure enough....it was! It $@$%* was! I was so right on and it was a crazy experience! I was so excited I ripped open the box to take a closer look, tossed the doll on the floor, and ran out of the store. I didn't really, but I thought about it."

Thanks John!

So there you have it. They're starting to come out on shelves. I personally busted out laughing, just because Kelly Murphy landed herself in the pink toy aisle. Somethings just not right about that. Who would have thought...

Today... I am an Artist!

Artistaday.com’s goal is simple. They feel artists are under-valued, under-exposed, and generally under-appreciated. Awesome, me too! They want to bring attention to artists that otherwise don’t get the attention they deserve. True dat boo's! If they can bring their art to one person that would have otherwise missed the opportunity to see it, they feel like we have made a contribution to the art community. If you like the artist’s work, take a second to leave a comment to tell them so. If you don’t, feel free to tell them that as well (constructive criticism is always appreciated). Artistaday.com doesn't intend to showcase all the artist’s work, in fact they only show one or two images by the artist. Be sure to continue through to the artist’s website to find more of their work.

And today, I was very flattered when they featured my work! So excited. Thank you Artistaday.com! I appreciate all that you do!

Check out their site here!