26 October 2011

When projects are done...

...I may, or MAY NOT... dance like this.

Crac, boum, hu!!!!

17 October 2011

Golden Light With Kite

Late night rhyming is outlawed now, officially. Warm golds have to be one of the more satisfying colors one can use in their paintings. Good ol' Freddy Remmington is the master teacher for bold color usage, especially in landscape. I mean, good God... look at his paintings!! What an amazing teacher for me.

13 October 2011

Secrets At Sea Christened Today!

Today, Secrets At Sea is released into open waters, off to her maiden voyage! Ok, I will ease up on the sailing references. All joking aside, I am please to have this book ready for reading eyes. It's a fun, classic tale involving the secrets side of mice living with their nouveau riche humans. It was a research heavy book, but that's something I looooove to do!

I hope you also enjoy the tiny moments I found endearing in this book.

05 October 2011

Lights, Camera...

My new friends Mark Steensland, author or Behind The Bookcase, and a crew of four Penn State students came to Providence this past weekend.

03 October 2011

Kelmurphy.com V6!!!

Today, we are announcing the 6th version of my website! It's always a bit sad saying goodbye to an old design, but fortunately more work is being created thus more room is needed! I am forever in debt to the master Antoine Revoy for coding and designing a more effective way to display my work. Please, come and take a look! www.kelmurphy.com