31 October 2007

Keepon Keeping On

Some days, you just need something really simple to keep it together. Today, this was it for me. This little fella was created by Hideki Kozima. He is a scientist working on cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Hideki's major research interest is "the ability to imagine others' mind", which is the underlying core mechanism for interpersonal communication specific to human species. Where did it come from? How does it develop over time? Investigating these issues, he would like to make robots and artificial systems that have "the ability to imagine others' mind", which would enables them to understand people's feelings and pain, to make a promise with people, and then to live together with people in the community.

Mr. Kozima... anything that gives me a break from my posionous trap that is called my brain is a godsend. Who doesn't want one of these things!?

28 October 2007

Chat Rabbit Chatter

If you haven't heard about it yet, Robert's Snow is about to fall! "Robert's Snow" is a children's story about a mouse not allowed in the snow. Children's book illustrator Grace Lin wrote the book, which was inspired by her husband Robert's battle with Ewing's sarcoma. After the book was published, Grace gathered artists from all over the children's book illustrating community to create special snowflakes to be auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting sarcoma research at Dana-Farber. These snowflake auctions became known as the event "Robert's Snow."

Well, the wonderful ladies at 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast have concoted a plan to interview all the artists and creators behind this event in order to emphasize Grace and Robert's incredible message. They are calling it "Blogging for the Cure". I was lucky enough to be interviewed by long time and incredibly talented friend Liz Goulet Dubois. Her wonderful blog entitled Chat Rabbit (which includes spectacular and sometimes frightening posts (especially about spiders the size of a human's head in her garden)) has posted our recent candid conversation.

I am once again honored to be included in this years auction, and am so excited to bid on (and dream about owning) some of the snowflakes this year! Good friend Dan Santat's 2004 snowflake will forever hang proudly in the center of my studio. So listen up! Everybody mark your calendar and get ready to bid bid bid!

21 October 2007

A Warm Day in October

Sologny and surrouding areas, France. Les l├ęzards were so awesome darting in and out of the rock walls. I also saw my first big land snail. I was very excited, and they are now one of my all time favorite animals.

Illustration Friday: Grow

I'm baaa-aaack!
These are excerpts from A Place to Grow, 2002.

20 October 2007


With the fall season in full swing, the trees changing their color, and the wood stove smell in the air, I can't not be reminded of some of my favorite memories from New Hampshire. In turn, I remember the panaoramic view of Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washinton I had taken some years back. Missing New Hampshire, I just got depressed more... thinking of the times when my knee had ligaments and I could still hike. Oh well.

Which then got me to reviewing some of my other panoramic scenes!

Grand Canyon scenes from the LA to Boston car ride with Nat.

With a pit stop at the best damn dam, the Hoover.

Breaking the sound barrier in Nat's trusty Jetta on New Mexico.

And a coast road view in County Cork, Ireland.

I need to take more of these panoramas, methinks.

Seven Pounds of Pure Sugar

My fashion guru friend Harper Della-Piana and her shop are celebrating her first year anniversary with a bang! A whole special day of glamorous shopping, refreshments, and a benefit raffle to help others! 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit Citizens for Adequate Housing Inc. I was honored when she asked me to create a cake for the event. And what a hot mess I have made. This thing is... heavy. A bit neurotic looking, hopefully it will feed all those attending the event. I do like making cakes, but by the time I am finished with the whole thing, I am so sick of the smell of sugar, that I never have a piece of the cake. People become very suspect of the refusal of my own sugary goodness. I don't taint the cake, it's just been absorbed through my skin from the hours of construction that I would simply pass out if I had one bite.

Visit Harper's SEAMS shop online! And also, she has a line of sweaters this holiday season at Urban Outfitters as a part of it's Urban Renewal Project. Check it out!

16 October 2007

Nasty Hiatus!

Sorry about the span of weeks that have gone by. This fall is proving to be quite an action packed season, not exactly by choice. I've been slowly chipping away at some deadlines, which thrills me to no end, but unfortunatly la grippe has a hold on me! The only good thing about being sick this early in the season, is that I am getting it out of the way by the holidays. Hopefully. BUT, for viewing pleasure, here are some scans of the 38 chaptered novel I am finishing up for Henry Holt. I can safely say, I LOVED this project. I welcome any chapter novels in the future! It was really nice to work on drawing and not the often tedious task of painting.

Tylenol Severe Cold Head Congestion worked pretty decently. That's my recommendation. Godspeed and Bonne Chance! It's a killer.