06 November 2012

Ahoy, My Felines²

Well... had to scratch that last painting for various reasons that I will chat about later. But... it all makes sense, and I am hoping this new version does the trick. Here's some snippets of more fancy felines, too!

04 November 2012

Ahoy, My Felines!

There's a new project on the desk these last few weeks, and it's been mighty fun. These two chaps will be my friends for the next month or two, and I cannot wait to get to more of the illustrations. Research has been very fun with this one! Excited to share more with you soon.

Look out you land lubbers!

Cat O' Lanterns!

Halloween was mildly uneventful around the studio since it was a teaching day. We didn't even know if we got trick or treaters at the new place. Maybe next year we will be able to tell! But, we did get some Devil's Night fun with the pumpkin and pets. Lily still thinks there is a new cat roomate. Poor Lils.