31 January 2009

Sneak Peek: Beastologist

I don't want to spoil how cool this book actually is going to be. I really am so excited while making this artwork, it's like R.L. LaFevers wrote it just for my imagination.

I AM PUMPED. Things being crossed off the list. No way near being anywhere calm, but it's progress! With a potential wedding (don't ask, me and the USCIS are not on speaking terms) in two months, crossing things off is only replaced with ten more items on the list. Which means at some point, I will need some sort of break and a chance to write a new beer review.

29 January 2009


I also just completed another cover, and I normally don't feel this way... but I reeeally liked the way the color palette turned out. I even wiped off the first layer of oil, changing my mind to this warm mauve color. I patted myself on the back... and then had a cider. I've been rewarding myself a bit too well lately. The scan is a bit junky, the inside glass has become streaky over time... thus creating tonal banding on all my images. I am just too cheap to replace it.



A bit of time has passed since finishing Peach Boy (Usborne Publishing) and I've been on full speed with all other projects. I thought I'd show a few images but keep my gabbing to a minimum. Overall, there are about fifty paintings, which I managed to complete in just over three months. A new all time record! I think this will be available throughout the UK this summer. I can't wait to see the full layout!

Alls I have to say is thank god for abc.com, since I rewatched all four seasons of Lost while painting this.

12 January 2009

"It's a strange book, but it's good."

Dad, Isaac, Gracie, and Lily were kind enough to feature Hush, Little Dragon on their amazing blog, Bookie Woogie, today. I have never smiled so much in the morning, than after reading this. Best review ever! My favorite moments are when they discover my super secret technique to making scary things seem ok:

Dad: What are some ways that they keep this book from being scary?
Gracie: Because she draws the baby dragon cute. And the mommy dragon has giant eyelashes and a beard. And the king is wearing his underpants in public.

Gracie: She made the three musketeers have tiny little beards and gynormous mustaches. The knights have no noses. And the princess has pink bunny ears.

I am so glad to be laughing! I'm still under heavy deadlines, so my brain needs a holiday! I think Bookie Woogie will be a favorite blog of mine.

An amazing drawing by Gracie of Boni and I meeting the dragons.

07 January 2009


Must keep working...
Sorry for the lapse.

Here's something most have seen, but Sigur Ros has been a constant companion in the studio whilst working. This song reminds me of snow crunching under ones feet, too. Quite fitting for the season!