25 May 2007

Illustration Friday: Cars

This was an early reader I did as one of my first jobs. I remember being all stressed out because I had to create a car. Maybe it was all the boys in elementary and high school that intimidated me. But by the end I learned that girls can draw cars, too!

22 May 2007

On My Wishlist!

Stop the presses. Look at this thing. How rediculously awesome is this. If only I had the counter space. The day I do... it's game over man, game over!

Beer Caddy
"If the idea of lugging yourself to the ice box over and over again for a beer turns you off, consider this Beer Caddy currently on sale over at Neiman Marcus to help alleviate your frustrations. This beer lover's gadget holds a five liter beer (or soda) keg, keeping it cool and providing a nice way to enjoy a frosty one."

You can purchase one of these things at Uncrate, a web magazine for guys who love stuff. Their team finds the best gadgets, clothes, cars, DVDs and more. Ehemm, girls too, chicos!

21 May 2007

Juxtapoz Reader Artist

Just wanted to mention that I am featured on the Juxtapoz website, as a Reader Artist. If you have some time, check out the others who were selected! And if you are not familiar with the magazine, what's wrong with you!? That was harsh, but go check it out!

I'm Dragon

Ok, that was a really bad pun. Here are some of latest spreads, hot off the desk.

Caught in the Act!

People caught on film, actually stealing my beer!

Ok, they weren't stealing my beer, but they were bringing it to E.L.'s birthday. And Anne Smith actually owned the keg. But, I felt a real emotion towards that rotund metal can!

And since I have metioned them, here is an amazing video shot by the aforementioned beerstealers. Involved with the shooting of this was EL, Anne, Maris, Joe, and Bill. I think they got some shoes for wearing those masks, but I die laughing everytime I see this.

20 May 2007

Illustration Friday: Signs

Holy bottom of the portfolio box! This one is from sooooo long ago. We're talking 10 plus years. I was hesitant to use such an old piece, but honest to betsey I have zero time to come up with anything else. This image was from an assignment that had to do with two sisters who were fighting and one eventually left the car on the side of the road and was never seen again. Kind of sad, right? It was my excuse for the over-abundance of darkness and black. I think the teacher saw through the b.s. and knew my color skills were lame. In the last few years I've tried my best to improve them, though!

In the next few weeks I hope to share images from the two titles I have been painting. I've never pumped out this much artwork, and at the same time felt like I've gotten nowhere. Oh well! I'm dreaming of the fall when I can work on just one project and maybe, just maybe finally start animating. WEE!

14 May 2007

Quick Character Sketches

Nothing mindblowing, but just a quick sampling of an upcoming chapter book. I am not too sure about them... I think the beetle is getting there, but I'd like to make the boy a bit less "realistic", but we'll have to wait and see back from the editor!

07 May 2007

Illustration Friday: Neighbor

They say fences make good neighbors, but I feel oceans make the best fences and sadder neighbors.

Struck down with a few days of fever has put the studio in a standstill, but I tried to eak out a new sketch for this week's theme. I wish I could paint, but youknow how everything smells different and the lights feel extra yellow when you are sick... it makes using my oils impossible. It's nature's way of letting us know we aren't machines!