29 November 2018

Also, AHOY!

Oh! And since the post in 2017, I've become an ocean lover. So strange! I've fallen in love with sailing! You see, I don't really love swimming in the water, but I love flying upon the water surface, at an 18˚ keeled over angle! Alas, it's the winter months here in New England, and the boats are just beginning their winter sleep. I'll miss the vitamin D!


Holy hannah. I finally remembered my password for the blog! I was locked out for so long.
Well, it's been such a long time since I've updated, so I don't know where to begin, truthfully. The new year is almost upon us, and many projects have come and gone. I am happy to say that I am working on a picture book currently and loving every minute of it. I'd love to update more in the next few weeks.

Phew! I'm back!!