28 November 2006

Lily and My Neice

These were too cute not to share. Yah, Lily harassed her all day for Kix.

26 November 2006

Illustration Friday: Invention

It's Saturday night... I really didn't feel like working on my continuous projects, so I decided to take a break and try something new. The message in this piece might be a bit lost, but I was kind of excited to use pink this time. I was thinking of all these modern inventions that bring us closer together, but distance us so much more. Instead of feeling flesh and sharing conversation, we sometimes prefer taking a look through pictures or a listen to sound waves over a phone. Ok... I have had wine tonight, but not that much! Seriously, think about it. My brother and some friends used to have weekends in New Hampshire together where we would turn off all lights, tele, phones and force ourselves to have Puritan night. Some of my best memories still are those nights where we shared company and conversation without any texting, photos, blogs, internet, phones, anything... I often miss New Hampshire.

20 November 2006

Glug Glug Brugs!

Ok, so you really pronounce it broozh but I needed a clever rhyme. I sampled this tasty brew this past September in Paris. And you guessed it, another Witbier. I am in love with them. Or I am in love with those magical beer chemist Belgians... As I was starting my research for this review, I kept typing B-R-U-G-E-S, and only information about the city was presenting itself. Turns out, I wasn't so far off, with it's close ties to that very city. This witbier, small in bottle stature, was monstrous with flavor and ease, which is why I am spotlighting it today!

Brugs is a white beer from Western Flanders, based on a traditional Brabant brew. The name comes the Flemish "Brugs Tarwebier", which means "White beer of Bruges". Brugs was first brewed by Jan Hugheins in 1455 in Bruges, Belgium's answer to Venice. The city consists of 40 bridges over the canals, very reminiscent of that certain Italian city. Every bottle of Brugs bears the "golden tree", harking back to the trophy traditionally awarded to the knights that won the tournaments held in the city back in the Middle Ages. How rad, huh? I found this snippet about the tournaments:

In July 1468, Margaret of York, sister to King Edward IV of England, was married to Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. This great dynastic marriage was marked by processions, pageants and banquets, so magnificent that contemporaries marveled at the wealth and splendour of the Burgundian court. The highlight of the celebrations was undoubtedly the tournament - the Pas d armes de l Arbre d Or (tournament of the Golden Tree) - held in the Market Place at Bruges in the shadow of the famous tower of the Market Hall.
Anthony, Count de la Roche - 'Grand Bastard of Burgundy' - undertook to defend the golden tree against a succession of challengers for eight days, jousting against each one for half an hour, with the winner being the knight to break the most lances in the prescribed time.

Someone tell me please, why is this spectical isn't performed at weddings anymore? It would sure beat seeing old aunts pop hips out to "YMCA". Apparently, in Bruges they've made a pageant around the historical event, one that I might HAVE to go to in 2007. It looks amazing.

The beer is pale yellow, slightly cloudy beer with a refreshing tartness. It's made from wheat and hops and is seasoned with bitter orange and coriander. It's is unfiltered, as with all beers on lees (yeast), which allows it to keep the natural cloudiness given by that very yeast. Often served with a slice of lemon as all my deliscious witbiers, Brugs has very low bitterness and a dense, creamy head. But the main reason why I decided to feature the beer is because on their packaging, they give you coupons to buy MORE Brugs! Now, call me a boozebag, but I think that's just amazing and courteous. One might even say.... chivalrous!

Santé or Op uw gezondheid!

16 November 2006

November 30th, Foster Gallery

Hello all,
I hope this message finds you well and ready for another winter season! I know I am, eating 5 cookies for every 1 pile of leaves raked. I also wanted to give everyone a heads up about an upcoming illustration show. Here's the details!

Illustration, Strange Turns of the Mind's Road
November 27, 2006 - January 5th, 2006

Where: Foster Gallery
Noble and Greenough School
10 Campus Drive
Dedham, MA 02026

When: November 30th, 2006, 4-6pm

Who: Fellow illustrators Ann P. Smith, Peter Reynolds, Paul Olson, Fred Lynch, Grace Lin, and Jarrett J. Krosoczka. Picture book artists will be present to sign books as well.

Why: Because everyone loves an illustration show!

What: You heard me... illustration that will rock your tohkes off!

For directions to the gallery and daily gallery hours, please visit
www.fostergallery.org A portion of all proceeds from the sale of artwork will benefit the AIDS Charity Art Sale at Noble and Greenough. Six of my pieces will be up for sale, so act fast!! Thanks so much for taking a read through, and hopefully we can see you at the opening!

ps) There sooo will be a new beer review in the next day or two. Priorities!!!

09 November 2006

I Never Learn

Today was spent framing, again. Why do I always 1.) leave it to the last minute and 2.) somehow manage to do it slower than last time. These six pieces will be in the Foster Gallery in MA this coming winter. But for serious. Every time I go to frame artwork for a show, I vow that I will streamline the whole process the next time. NOPE! I never learn. It takes me longer and longer each time. Anyone out there want to be an intern, specifically on the day I have to frame?

Now, things are complicated when you have a jerkhead cat who wants to sit ontop of everything you need to use. Where's that illustration?

Oh, under the cat. Now where the heck did I put the pencil?

DAMN CAT! And the best is when paw prints are left all over a nice clean piece of matt board.

Ugh. So. I'm now finished. I'll post details of the upcoming show in a week or two. It will be a lot of fun. It include friends Fred Lynch, Ann Smith, Paul Olson, Jarrett Krosoczka, Grace LIn, and Peter Reynolds. But hopefully I can see you guys there and we can discuss the sublime beauty of eight hours of framing can bring. Either that or adoption of the aforementioned cat. Kidding. Well, maybe not.

06 November 2006

Fiona Bound

A pleasant surprise on my doorstep came today, along with the night fall of ginko leaves. My first bound copy of Fiona's Luck! I feel like I only just finished painting.

Diary of a Wanna-be Good Painting

No comment.

04 November 2006

Illustration Friday: Smoke

Because of the current workload, I haven't been able to bust out something new, so I've been digging through some old portfolio boxes. Typically, I cringe showing older work, but I think to have that attitude about older work is not the way to go. Sometimes revisiting ideas or techniques that lead you to certain place forces you back into that midset when you were more experimental. For me, I guess I sometimes enjoy the looser brush stroke on my older pieces.

01 November 2006

Illustration Friday: Wind

This painting is from years ago, in fact when I was still in school. I know... another horse. But for some reason I always kept this painting. Maybe it was the wind that bumped the rider over, or maybe Mr. Two Red Stripes himself. Hey! Red Stripe! A beer referrence!