07 July 2009

Inky Nights

Here's the inked version of the previous pen sketches. Been using inks for a few illustrations lately, and am enjoying it. Alas... no typie, must keeping workie! This will be in Ask magazine in a few months.

06 July 2009

Tea Hooouse... OoooOoo!

Here's a hot off the desk sample. Antoine Revoy and I are noodling ideas for a potential new project. Collaborating has been quite fun with this. Starting off with Antoine reading all the stories to me as I paint, we then did a series of thumbnails and character sketches, that slowly progressed into this scary lady. I'll let you know if there is any positive feedback. If so, GREENLIGHT on a Shybird book! Yahowee!

03 July 2009

Upcoming Mediums

Just a quick ink study of a previous sketchbook drawing. Shybird is gearing up for some test samples of their first book together, and are VERY excited. It will be black and white, ink washes with brushwork. We cannot wait to show more!

This additive method of medium (ink wash upon ink wash) is a strange way for me to work, but I am really enjoying the process. Typically I subtract my tones, working from darker to lighter. I am also really enjoying the randomness and uncontrolability (is that a word) of the absorbs ion. Wow, what an art nerd.

PS) Beer review of Bohemia is coming!

Fiona' s 운!

So, my babelfish translation only gave me the character for "luck" but I'll take what I can get. The good folk at Charlesbridge sent over my Korean translation of Fiona's Luck. It's so much fun to look at, and how the pages look with the different characters. Korean is an absolutely beautiful looking language. I love the abundance of circles. I am also loving the new little "luck" flourish in the title design, too. Fun fun!

It's been a monsoon in New England this summer, absolutely odd. Thank goodness I caught the package this book was in. My mailbox situation at the apartment is less than stellar, so all kind of artwork, packages, and other mail goods get left in driveways, up against houses, hanging off mailboxes. It's always a "fun" game to find my packages. So, heading out to buy some diet soda the other morning, I spotted this soaked manila envelope. Most of the packing material absorbed the previous night's rain, but if it had stayed out for another hour, it would have been toast. We got 1.5" of rain in less than two hours. YYYYEEEEESSSSSHHHHHH!