28 August 2013

We Art Boston!

I am proud to share with that I am one of the illustrators who will be contributing to this coming October's We Art Boston fundraiser. We Art Boston is the brainchild of Brookline illustrator and friend Joe McKendry who wanted to do something in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

“We realized by the time we mobilized The One Fund would be closed. This was a way of helping,” said McKendry, whose wife, Susan Hass McKendry joined the effort which kicks off with the auction Oct. 11 and ends with a family event Oct. 20 on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. I will be there creating stuffed animal portraits, and it'd be great to see you, too!

The more than 40 participating artists of We Art Boston honor the role of story time with a fundraiser featuring original works of art from some of the most beloved contemporary children’s books. Proceeds benefit the Emergency and Trauma Fund at Boston Children’s Hospital, providing physical and emotional care to families following sudden events, with the hope of helping every family feel a little safer when they go to sleep tonight.

In addition to each illustrators contributions, participating members will be creating a group illustration of the We Art Boston title. I've claimed the E! 

Please join us for an online auction starting October 10th and for a family event on October 20th at Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway. Details and times will be announced shortly.

12 August 2013

Sneak Peeks!

Projects have been slowly wrapping up, but I'm not quite able to show the full paintings just yet. So here's some teasers!
Annnnd, school will be starting up again soon. I admit, I have the same level of dread returning to school as I had when I was 10.

02 August 2013

They're BACK!

The last few months I've been busily working on the next big adventure for Marvin and James from Masterpiece. It's an independent reader that will be in a series called The Masterpiece Adventure, by Elise Broach. Creating the artwork in ink and spot color has been a really fin way to work and I've enjoyed thinking in flat color. This dynamic duo will be out next February!


While in Japan, I started an archive of the different drinks available at some of the various vending machines. Japan LOVES vending machines, and these things are so well placed. My favorite were the hotel vending machines stocked with beer. Ice cold beer.