30 December 2009

New Year's Tidings: Retrospective

It's a wonderful self-given assignment each year to create your holiday tiding. I always opt to go with best wishes for the New Years for a number of reasons. The most important... I am always late so there's NO CHANCE I ever get them out before December 25th. Besides, I send them to a number of clients I have worked with over the years, and I'd like to think my cards are waiting for them upon returning from the winter break.

The common theme that my New Year's card have is a bit of beverage history. And not just any beverage, typically the festive, spiked kind! Inside, I also like to research a bit of the culture and folklore of the drink along with the needed recipe to fabricate such lovely concoctions! It all started in 2003, (I have since lost the file)when it began with a tipsy bluebird on a steaming mug of hot cocoa. The following year, I decided to invest in some supplies to increase my mailing. I bought 500 coin sized envelopes and 1000 manila tags. I might have saved a total of $12.97, but I have been finding all sorts of purposes for these tags! The size of the envelope has since determined the shape of the following years. Finally, this year... I have RUN OUT of those coin envelopes! Wouldn't you know I needed about 20 more to finish this years cards... and they only sell them in boxes of 500. Instead of risking the arrest by a Staples employee, I shall purchase another 500 count box, and continue the format that has been ruling these past years.

Here's a run down of the past years. Because of the wedding planning and hoopla of 2008... it was my one year I was not able to create a card. If you know of any drinks that your family or culture imbibe this time of year, please let me know! I am always searching for new recipes!

2004: Hot Toddy

2005: Glogg

2006: Mulled Wine

2007: Wassail

2008: Kelly's Lame Excuse

and now, for 2009... for celebrations galore...

2009: Champagne!

Champagne first gained world renown because of its association with the anointment of French kings. Royalty from throughout Europe spread the message of the unique sparkling wine from Champagne and its association with luxury and power. The leading manufacturers devoted considerable energy to creating a history and identity for their wine, associating it and themselves with nobility and royalty. Through advertising and packaging they sought to associate Champagne with high luxury, festivities and rites of passage. Their efforts coincided with an emerging middle class that was looking for ways to spend its money on symbols of upward mobility. Legend holds that when Dom Perignon first tasted the sparkling wine now known as champagne he called to his fellow monks,

‘Come Quick, I Am Tasting Stars!’

Kir Royale
1 part Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur)
5 parts Champagne

Pour crème de cassis into a Champagne flute and gently pour Champagne on top. Serve and enjoy. Santé!


A Little Erin Merryweather Sketch

Nothing more, nothing less.

Lawn Dandruff 2K9!

Well, it certainly is that time of year again. The warm smell of cookies, the light flurrying of snow... and more importantly the zazzle of electric glow. Lawn Dandruff Night 2009 had a few obstacles in its way, but we got it done, and in regal style! With baileys, bourbon, and whiskey in our flasks, off we went, camera's in hand!

We had originally scheduled it a week before before Christmas Day, and had even rented a twelve person van to facilitate this years growing interest. But low and behold... we got a blizzard that dumped 15 inches of snow on that very night. Gah! So, we agreed to make it for December 29th. Also new to this year, was a location change! We decided to hit a bustling suburb of Boston, and thank our lucky stars, it did not disappoint.

So let's get down to it... the best of 'druff, the worst of 'druff. I saw a rising trend of angels, penguins, and bear this year, with a steady decline of Santas on choppers and blow up ornaments in general. I am thinking the hard hit economic times made people think twice about running those loud fans all night. Thank bejesus! One of the more fascinating, yet slightly morose finding this year was a dandruff cemetery. With Christmas day long over, the owners decided to let all of these wonderful plastic gems sit there in a dark, frozen wasteland. It was quite moving. There is a certain sadness when one unplugs all of the lights, and boxes all the glitter. With only President's Day to help focus us through January... we need some of that glitter! Another morose find was a dead reindeer, a probable victim of the previous week's blizzard. I've seen this kind of carnage before, and they always come back guys. Those reindeer are invincible!

These small sad happenings were outweighed by a great party, and increasing amount of insanely colored LED lights, two cars of Dandruffin' fun, big buck riding (A NEW EVENT), Chinese food, and most importantly... scorpion bowls. So, come snow or shine... Lawn Dandruff survived the blizzard of 2009!

10 December 2009

Mo' De-Mo's!

This was a painting demo I used in my classes and at a gallery show in California (which I want to write about in the next post!) It's always fun to take your time with a painting and tinker with it over a few weeks.

Man, I've been boring lately. I'll be more spunky next post, I sway-yuh. Sorry for the New England accent.

02 December 2009

The Lodge

And I am still really excited about Shybird's near completion of our haunted houses book. Antoine's line work is really what makes these pieces excite me. With school and a few projects ending up, it's time to move on the picture books again. I am looking forward to working on paintings again.

Another Nate Sneek Peak

It's so much fun to work on a series... and know what is in store for the characters before everyone else! Cover work for Nathaniel Fludd 3 is passed in! These book by R.L. LaFevers keep getting better and better!

Interview at the Ruby Winkle Review!

I was very flattered when I was approached by Meghan Killeen to do an illustrator interview. It's really envigorating when you meet new people who are this excited about publishing and illustration. She states is very simply: "The Ruby Winkle Review represents adult authors, illustrators and other individuals who create with a unique style and vision for kids."

To check out the full interview, visit this great site for other fun features as well.