24 February 2009

Past Poster Work

A few months back, I worked on a project for the NYU Child Study Center. They requested some line illustrations for a poster campaign that dealt with some serious child psychiatric disorders. It was a fun treat to combine the juvenile quality of the characters with the seriousness of the concept.





23 February 2009

Five Times Around

This is the poster for Shakespeare on the Sound's A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's my fifth in a series. They have a new director, so naturally, there is a slightly different look than past years. We'll see if they like this years attempt!

ps) the scan is crap (still no new scanner) and the text is REAL rough. Just placeholders right now!

Good friend Dan Santat helped me out with this piece by upping the drama digitally. He's totally convinced me I need to up the anti on my computer as a medium. I like his version MUCH better. Thanks Dan!

18 February 2009

From Inside The Desk Cave

Today, I dared to delve inside the compartment inside my desk. I have this awesome 50+ year old desk I hocked from my school days that has these great compartments for storage. The only problem, if you slide your work in there, you might not see it again for a few years! Typically when projects are finished, and specs and sketches can be put away, I let the desk monster eat them. Paintings too large to fit in my portfolio boxes are also allocated for this area.

I wanted to scan a few in, as past work, some from the school days:

These were a series of engravings and soft ground printmaking techniques from around 1999 or so? I remember shedding blood on the engraved plates, thanks to a slipped burin.

From time to time I like to do imaginative landscapes with watercolor on gesso. This must have been from a few years back, since I had ZERO recollection of it!

And last but not least, a sad man and a lost girl. Some thing never change. The girl must have been inspired when I first started out, taking trains to New York, feeling confused, in a gross orange cloud of obscurity...?

Thanks for looking! Now I shoved all of it back inside the desk cave to rediscover in another five years. Man, I need a flat file.


Some days... the stupidest things make you smile.
This little girl is inside my head, which never graduated out of being a seven year old.

COo COo COo!

17 February 2009

First you dream it...

Then you see it printed!

I wanted to share this image. It's a recent poster from my colleague Antoine Revoy at Shybird Studios. I apologize from not having a more detailed picture, especially since all of Antoine's work is insanely intricate. I really liked Saint Lawrence College's print campaign, commissioning work from many illustrators. YAY!

Dragons, Take 2

Sorry for the lack of post here. It's been quite fast paced with all of the deadlines. But, things are lightening up slightly, so that makes me happy. It's been a rough winter here, with colder than average temperatures and oodles of snow. I've just caught a glimpse of the grass, it had been two months.

I've finally gotten the dummy in to Abrams for Hush! Little Dragon's sequel. It involved a bit more research, dealing with castle architecture and technology. I still don't understand how spinning wheels work. I even got to see one in the flesh (not working though) and I am still puzzled. Good thing I went to art school!

02 February 2009

Pony Projectile

Monsters: 028 kotsertje pony from Volstok Telefunken on Vimeo.
This whole series was shown to me by friend, Dan Santat. They are awesome! It's uncanny that this is actually how I viewed life when I was a child and now.

Watch more at De Monsters.