21 August 2011

Don't Look A GIft Raccoon In The Mouth

Hotdiggity, run like the wind Bandit!

18 August 2011

Falmouth Heights

Each year, for one afternoon I head down to hangout ocean-side with my brother and his wife in Falmouth, Massachusetts. It's great to get my one beach day a year... but every time I manage to cook myself to a lovely shade of flaming pink. I'm AWFUL at sunscreen application. I managed to make myself look like a calico cat, AGAIN.

Here's my view, looking south across Vinyard Sound... patiently waiting for Air Force One to arrive. We got to see the helicopters heading to Martha's Vineyard last year, but no luck this year.

17 August 2011

3x3 Children's Show No. 8

What a great week!
I received news that one of my images from Princess and The Golden Fish, published in Cricket Magazine, has received a silver award in the 3x3 Children's Show. I could not be more pleased!

The image is one of 10-13 images for a four part story, written by Eugie Foster. It's from the third installment, and called for a close up as the story's climax neared. Often, I am dreading searching for imagery online, so Photobooth is my best option. I've seen Joe Quinones' great photobooth posts on his blog, and this inspired me to add my own.

Well... you got to make due with what you got, right? More typically, the animals are photo-bombing left and right.

Viterbo's Medieval Wall

Another of my favorite parts of Viterbo was the quiet, sun soaked road that lead you by the city's outer wall. At this place, a tower built on top of a segment loomed over the wall which historically usually extended outwards slightly so as to be able to observe the exterior of the walls on either side. It had had arrow slits, ballistae, and a place where presumably catapults and cannons could be mounted on top for extra defense. Sounds a tad cheesy, but I liked to envision the townsfolk scurrying along the top of the wall, ready to protect the livestock and people within the walls.

The sunsets here were... brace yourself... truly magical.

15 August 2011

2011 Original Art Show

I am beyond thrilled to be included in this year's Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators.

"With children's book production on the rise came the strengthened interest in the art behind the book. Founded in 1980 by Illustrator and Art Director Dilys Evans, this annual exhibit showcases the original art from the year's best children's books. Selected by a jury of outstanding illustrators, art directors and editors, this year's show features 122 books chosen from 650 entries submitted nationwide.

Celebrating it's twenty-eighth year, the Original Art exhibit is not only an opportunity for artists to display their work, but has become an important event in the New York publishing calendar. It is a favorite destination for Art Directors and Editors seeking new talent as well as for school visits."

Over At The Castle, written by Boni Ashburn and published by Abrams Books For Young Readers will be on display and hopefully, but not probable, I will be able to join the opening. My teaching schedule makes it a bit complicated. I get soooo nervous at those events, so it might be a good thing to have one less sweaty, shifty eyed illustrator in the room ;). Here are the details:

October 26, 2011 - December 29, 2011

The Society of Illustrators
128 East 63rd Street
(between Park and Lexington Avenues)
New York, NY 10065

Opening Night
October 27th, 2011


10 August 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

When I was not feeling up to concentrating on my ink washes, I had my trusty sketchbook in hand. Viterbo has more than enough cafe chairs and fountain edges to rest upon. I think it was secretly meant for us journalistic drawers. While taking a seat and sketching the great signs, I was always torn: Diet Coke or Beer. Same price... one's much better. Now, I was able to find a decent beer in Italy. No hating, but it's not a country known for its brews. Menabrea* was quite tasty, and I highly suggest their Ambrata. I'll have a review up shortly!

*Warning: Menabrea's site is teh suxor! Right up there with my queue on Alitalia. It's not really a country born out of efficiency. Just sayin'! But damn, they got siesta right!

08 August 2011

Urban Sketchers Feature With Fred Lynch

Fred Lynch was extremely kind to mention my stay in Italy on the Urban Sketchers blog. Urban Sketchers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel. Fred is one of the North American correspondents, and you can check out his other articles by following this link.

© Fred Lynch 2011, Door of Hell

His ink paintings are astounding, and if you ever get a chance to see one in person... they amaze even more!

04 August 2011

Masterpiece wins 2011 Children's Crown Award


While away, I received the lovely news (complete with a fancy framed award) that Masterpiece had won this year's Children's Crown Award.

The mission of the Children's Gallery, the Children's Crown, and the Lamplighter Awards is to encourage elementary and junior high students to read wholesome and uplifting books by providing lists each year of the best literature.

In 1992 Sandra Morrow librarian at Brentwood Christian School in Austin, Texas, applied to the Texas Christian Schools Association for a grant to establish the Children's Crown Award (the Crown Classic is the runner-up) for children's books for fourth through sixth graders. The grant was awarded the following spring. In 2002 Sandra received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Lubbock Christian University. In 2005 she received the Distinguished Alumni Citation from Abilene Christian University. She was recognized for her distinctive professional achievement for the Triple Crown Awards.

Now students, teachers, parents, librarians and interested individuals are encouraged to nominate titles for this award from books that are published or reprinted within the last two years. At the center of the award process is the criteria developed at the time of the grant. Each year twenty books that convey wholesome values, uplifting characters, and edifying themes that inspire children toward positive goals are selected by a committee of readers from participating schools.

Students vote on their favorite book each spring, and the results are tallied and the authors, publishers and schools are notified about the winners and runners-up. During winter, the lists for the following school year are sent to participating schools, as well as to authors and publishers whose books have been selected.

Thank you to EVERYONE involved! I am so pleased that Masterpiece is close to many children's hearts.