01 July 2008

The Fourth

My favorite holiday is coming up. Most people tend to fancy Christmas or New Years time, or you have those spooky Halloween lovers. Although I loathe the hot weather, there is one day where I relish it. A warm Fourth of July, complete with burgers and dogs, wiffle ball, bocce, and some good firework action is my idea of relaxation. No need to buy any presents, dress fancy, travel long distances... it's all about being comfortable and having fun. Some of the funnest memories have been on the Fourth. Murphy celebrations tend to be wild.

This was one year's homemade pirate ship. The HMS PinkChicken. This was also the canoe mentioned in the following tale.

Many years ago, we had most of our extended family for a big cookout. We're talking Irish Catholic family, so this was bigger than most people's wedding. By the end of the afternoon, we had taken bricks of bottle rockets my brothers bought and started the war to end all wars.Screaming rockets were flying from every direction. I recall seeing two cousins carrying a canoe, running with it for protection as multiple rockets ricocheted off the top. We cracked the neighbor's vinyl siding, ripped wire screen, set curtains on fire, and almost blew up Aunt Mary's face. It was pretty awesome. Well not blowing up Aunt Mary's face... My family home has moved since last year, so the traditions of a certain backyard are changing. Regardless, I am still eagerly waiting for this years festivities.

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