10 September 2009


Have yall seen this thing? Lovely internet searching landed me upon this little doozie. I'm heavy breathing here... the more I read about this product, the more faint I get.

Allow me to break it down.

Not to be confused with a 'pony' keg, the Arkeg supports a slim keg, which contains 55 of your favorite domestic, craft, micro, or even home brews! It fully supports the 5 gallon Cornelius (corny) keg used by homebrewers.

Think of it as an in-home iPod for your video games that also serves up cold, frothy brew. They've included some of the most popular Arcade games from Atari, Midway, Taito, and others (see list to the left). You can put any game you want onto the Arkeg by downloading online, buying games from a retail store, or installing games you own.

Besides the 69 pre-loaded games, Arkeg comes ready to play any video or audio file, as well as any video game in their computer-archived form (roms). If a game came in a cartridge or on a circuit board, it has been transferred to a rom image and is available online. Please note Arkeg only includes games that it has the legal right to distribute.

*Check out these stats*:
Liquid/scratch resistant black vinyl melamine
Protective trim-moulding
Stainless steel handles
Authentic arcade back-lit marquee
WiFi capable
24" HD gaming LCD w/ protective overlay
Chrome beverage faucet
Interchangeable tap handle
Gloss black custom kegerator
Digital temperature control
Effortless CO2 draft system
Classic 6 button layout
Arcade size 3" trackball with Mouse function
Side pinball buttons double as mouse buttons

Are you heavy breathing like me yet?

2.1 HD surround audio
Adjustable volume, treble, bass knobs
Accessible power, game exit, and pause buttons
Protective speaker grilles
Completely hidden drop-down access
Slide-out slim keyboard
Dual USB 2.0 jacks

The starting price for the maximum deal is around 4k. It's a bit of a price, but just think of it gently humming in the corner of your living room. An instant fun beacon, ready to transport you to another dimension. Hot damn, thank god for nerdy people.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god for nerdy people, indeed!

Does the game reward you with beer for a high score? I'd imagine not, since that could be frustrating, but it would make the gaming part more interesting!